It is a pleasure to invite you to attend the International RAD-TEST 2019 Workshop, timed to coincide with the celebrations of the International Year of the Periodic Table of Chemical Elements, and to be held May 13 – 16, 2019 in Dubna city (Moscow region, Russian Federation).

The main organizer is the Branch of United Rocket and Space Corporation – Institute of Space Device Engineering and the Join Institute for Nuclear Reserch.

The Workshop is supported by the State Space Corporation Roscosmos, United Rocket and Space Corporation, and RADECS Association.

The workshop program will include an analysis and discussions of world experience between the major international and Russian designers of electronic components and systems for space applications and test laboratories. The workshop thematic areas are:

– Radiation tests of semiconductor devices, integrated circuits, microelectronic modular assemblies, units and hardware of spacecraft systems and equipment to all types of radiation effects (TID (ELDRS), DD, SEE (upsets & failures))

– Radiation test facilities for modeling and simulation of space radiation environments

– Experimental techniques for complex functional parts, and items of advanced technologies

– Radiation fields monitoring during the tests

– DUTs functional testing

– Tools and equipment for tests

– Test samples preparation

– Software: matter-radiation interaction calculation, test results analysis and interpretation, test process automation

– Practical experience in radiation testing – hints & tips

– Standards & Guidelines – the current state and the development prospects

– Approach to radiation hardness assurance built on the electronic component test results

The event is expected to involve professionals from leading foreign and Russian space industry companies, electronic components manufacturers, specialized scientific organizations, test laboratories, etc.

Invited reports will take place, including the report by academician of The Russian Academy of Sciences – Yuri Oganessian – a Russian scientist of worldwide reputation, co-discoverer of new chemical elements and in particular named in honor of him element 118, oganesson (Og).