Welcome to the RADECS Association International RAD – TEST workshop devoted to radiation testing and assurance of space technologies.


The dates: 25th-26th May 2021. The venue: AZIMUT Hotel, 2 Zalomova st, AZIMUT Hotel Nizhny Novgorod. Several interesting facts about Nizhny Novgorod…


The 2nd International RAD-TEST 2019 Workshop was held. May 13 – 16, 2019 Dubna, Moscow region successfully hosted the International RAD-TEST 2019…

The two days RAD – TEST Workshop has been organized every two years since 2017.

Participants of the RADECS Association RAD – TEST workshop are leading experts of foreign and Russian companies of space industry, electronic components, and radio electronic equipment manufacturers, designating scientific companies, test centers and etc.

The official language is English.

The workshop format is oral presentations and posters.

Participation in International RAD – TEST Workshop provides the opportunity to teach the representative of your organization the advanced methods of radiation hardness assurance of electronic components and radio electronic equipment against space ionizing radiation which based on the international radiation experience.

Attendees (not more than one from a company) who are going to participate in the following RADECS conference can take part in workshop for free (in case of providing the confirmation).

All foreign participants of the RADECS Association RAD – TEST workshop should obtain a visa to enter the Russian Federation.