Visa Support

The Russian visa application form for invitation letter

The deadline for all visa requests is April 01, 2019.Заменить дату на    April 16, 2021

All foreign participants* of the RAD-TEST workshop should obtain a visa to enter the Russian Federation.
*Some countries have a special agreement with the Russian Federation, and their citizens benefit from a visa exemption program.
You can get a Russian visa only through a Russian General Consulate in your country of residence.

To apply for a Russian visa, you need to submit the appropriate necessary documents (support documents), which depend on the rules of the General Russian Consulate in your country.
Before getting your necessary support documents from our side, we advise you to contact the mission service or the travel agency used by your company (university or institution). They will tell you which type of Russian visa is requested for you (and if needed your spouse or accompanying person).
The organizing committee of RAD-TEST workshop can provide the support documents ONLY for BUSINESS VISA.
We advise you to obtain a tourist visa, if your company allows it. A tourist visa should be simpler for you and it is the only possible solution for your accompanying person. But if your company requires a business visa, we can of course provide all the necessary documents.
Please, fill the form and send it to

Support documents for Tourist visa:

Unfortunately, the organizing committee is not able to help you with the Tourist visa support documents.
Please, ask your hotel (accommodation) to provide you with the voucher (support document) for Russian Tourist Visa application.

Support documents for Business visa:

Obtaining a Russian business visa will probably require an official invitation letter from the RAD-TEST workshop committee.
An invitation letter will be issued based on your personal information, which you will need to send us.
In order to get your visa in time, please contact the RAD-TEST workshop committee by e-mail (
The deadline for all visa requests is April 01, 2019. After that date, the invitation letter can still be provided, but getting a visa may not be guaranteed.

NOTICE! Please be sure to check your passport beforehand. It must be valid 6 months after the last day of your visa, and it must have 2 adjacent empty pages to put the visa. The delay of visa delivery is usually quite fast (1~2 weeks) once you have all the required documents in proper format. We advise you to plan your trip 2-3 months ahead of time.

IMPORTANT! All foreign citizens arriving in Russia will be given an immigration card (printed sheet of paper, the size of a passport page) while passing through immigration. Please be careful and keep this card secure until your departure from the Russian Federation, it will be requested when leaving by the immigration officer.

NOTICE! According to Russian Federation legislation, all foreign citizens should be registered within 3 days. Hotels take care of this registration for their guests.